Pipeline's Baum Collection

Roy Baum shot a series of Motocross races in the 1975-1976 Moto season, intending to produce a documentary of the racing season. The doc was...

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Jack Coleman's Experimental Music and Surf Films

Our friend Jack Coleman has been bringing us super8 films for years now.

Anamorphic Release Prints

This example is an anamorphic 16 mm film for smaller theatre release. The 1973 film is "Lady Ice" starring Donald Southerland and ...

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Master Race From Mars

Kathy and Colin Stewart's "Master Race From Mars"  is an early 1990's SCI-Fi Indy feature.

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Early Television Kinescope

In the early 1950's live television was recorded on film. This image of Bob Hope...

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Rick Prelinger's San Francisco

Every year Rick Prelinger does a TED talk, the Lost Landscapes of San Franscisco. We were chosen to transfer some rare nitrate films for this series.




Hal McClure's Travelogues

Orange County film-maker Hal McClure has been filming travelogue films for more that 60 years.

The Penton Motorcycle Films

Todd Huffman's successful Penton Kickstarter campaign about Penton Motorcycle legend John Penton gave us a unique set of films to transfer.

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Cotton Bowl Archive

The Cotton Bowl and it digital archive team from XOS Digital has asked us to do a transfer of a large group of 16mm TV prints.

Paul Allen's Balaban Films

Paul has been archiving 12 films produced by Burt Balaban in the 1953-1955 period. All of the films were produced for European television.

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Client Comments

quote1-40The preview disc you sent looks stunning--over the weekend, I put it up on a large screen at UCSC with a Christie projector just to check and Moumen Smihi was thrilled. We showed his Si Moh that you did and it also looked great.
Peter Limbrick, Associate Professor, Film and Digital Media , UC Santa Cruzquote2-40

quote1-40I premiered many scenes from your recent 35mm transfers in the new Lost Landscapes of San Francisco, and they were a HUGE hit. I am very much looking forward to doing more work with you. Thanks so much!
Rick Prelinger, The Prelinger Archivesquote2-40

quote1-40I just had to let you know how happy my client was with the quality of the 8mm film transfer you did for him. At 6000 ft of film (25 years of his families' life) there was a lot to deal with. Your technical expertise was very helpful in choosing the right digital format both for the subsequent edit we went through, and in hitting my clients budget and quality concerns. Feel free to use me as a reference at anytime. The whole experience was professional and very easy. Once again thank you.
John Kelly, Scott Video Productionsquote2-40

quote1-40These look great! Thanks so much for sending! Thanks! More on the way soon!
Steve Stanchfield, Thunderbean Animationquote2-40